Calm, Protection

Tourmaline fights against negative energies and waves, while bringing protection by this means. Among its many benefits, tourmaline has the ability to absorb all negative vibrations and energies. They are excellent allies for those who practice meditation and avoid states of sadness, keeping it at bay by creating an impassable energy field.

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Lapis Lazuli

Trust, Communication

Lapis lazuli represents health, nobility, luck, elegance and purity. For these many reasons, it has been present on Earth for several thousand years. With its intense blue and rare elegance, it was nicknamed the "star sapphire" in reference to the small golden spots that sparkle on the mineral. Lapis lazuli is a confidence booster for the wearer and encourages them to take control of their lives. 

African Turquoise

Stability, Balance

African turquoise is a semi-precious stone with varying shades of green to turquoise with darker inclusions. It is a stained jasper from Africa. 

The contact of this stone on the body brings a great physical balance. The African turquoise promotes stability and balance on the psychic level, thus allowing to have more self-confidence. 


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Concentration, Relaxation

Under the name Apatite, it is known as a stone that comes in many shapes and colours. Traces of apatite stone were found in moon rocks collected by NASA astronauts during the Apollo space programme. 

Apatite stone helps to focus on one's goals and gain self-confidence. The energy released by apatite stone eliminates insecurity.


Wisdom, Creativity, Relaxation

Because of their colour and the beauty of their brilliance, these gems are still among the most sought-after stones. Leonardo da Vinci who praised the benefits of amethyst gems. Thanks to the precious notes he left in his notebooks, we know that he used this purple mineral to increase his intelligence, his ability to concentrate and his creativity, but also to chase negative thoughts from his mind.  

In lithotherapy, amethyst is considered the stone of humility and the stone of wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. This stone plays a great role and favours not only meditation and concentration, but also spiritual elevation.

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Long before its name, pyrite stone was used in prehistoric times for the same purpose: making fire. Pyrite stone is also a very important memory stimulator and at the same time allows one to connect with one's creative abilities. Pyrite stone is found in abundance in certain deposits, but also in certain meteorites. 

On the mental level in lithotherapy, pyrite offers its own particular brilliance, both metallic, which makes it a truly physical stone, but also its golden colour, which makes it an intellectual and spiritual stone. It is not uncommon to see its concrete, rigorous, hard and constructive sides.


Balance , Protection

In Russia, malachite stone has always been used by the tsars as a decorative stone. In St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral can attest to this through the columns of the iconostasis. Fascinating and beautiful, malachite stone is highly prized for its exceptional colour, which varies from pale green to the most intense green. 


Malachite symbolises calm, transformation and protection. It invites to surpass oneself and to take risks. Malachite carries in its properties and virtues the protection. It brings balance to the body and opens the heart. Malachite also brings clairvoyance on the people with whom we can weave or not of the bonds. It removes anxieties and fears from the soul in favour of compassion, discernment and wholeness. 


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Tiger's Eye

Strength, Courage

During the Roman Empire, the tiger's eye stone was used by warriors and soldiers to protect themselves in battle.  Tiger's eye has the reputation of being very mysterious, but also very protective. It offers assurance, courage and strength to the wearer. In addition to providing great protection, the tiger's eye was reputed to increase their strength and courage tenfold. 

In addition to bringing a great protection, the eye of tiger was famous to increase tenfold their force and their courage. It of tiger will also balance the emotional body by bringing energy to him and by harmonizing the yin and the yang. Associated with the sun, it strengthens self-confidence, courage, boldness, generosity and ambition. It helps you to make decisions that are right, relevant and always in line with your values.


Peace, Serenity

The mineral soothes negative thoughts, sadness, resentment and excessive anxiety. This stone is recommended when making important decisions, because it optimises the analytical faculties of the person who uses it. It has a multitude of benefits and applications in various fields.  The stone lepidolite is a stone that helps to concentrate and focus on the essential, to make objective decisions and to draw targeted conclusions.   It is recommended for everyone, men and women. It sharpens the analytical faculties and aptitudes of the person who uses it and allows to draw the most objective conclusions possible and to make focused decisions but also to reach the objectives that one has set thanks to the stimulation of concentration and attention. 

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Sincerity, Tenderness

Today, the amazonite stone is mainly used for its virtues, especially because it is so similar to turquoise, offering the main virtues of tenderness. Amazonite offers the certainty of tenderness towards the loved one. It offers the perception of sincere and reciprocal feelings, and gives the wearer the feeling of happiness. Amazonite brings relief, especially when it comes to feelings of frustration. It allows to reinforce the feminine behaviour, while calming the ardours. Amazonite offers softness and sincerity in the love exchanges. It is the stone of direct and sincere expression in tenderness. 

Black Onyx

Motivation, Hope

Onyx is ideal when you feel stagnant due to energy blockages and emotional wounds from the past. On a psychological level, the semi-precious stone is a real shield against negative thoughts and energies. By reducing stress and anxiety in daily life, it helps to regain self-confidence and to replace mental ruminations with positive thoughts. It allows you to be more focused on the present moment and to stop being distracted. As such, it is an excellent stone to initiate oneself to meditation.

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Safety, Regeneration

Labradorites represent the rays of the aurora borealis enclosed in the rock. The latter is known for its protective qualities. This stone is highly recommended for lonely people who find it difficult to leave their comfort zone, in need of security. The action of labradorite is recognised as regenerating on a physical and mental level following periods of exhaustion. Because of the great mental security these gems give you, labradorite automatically makes you calm and collected.  If you find it difficult to enjoy solitude, the labradorite gemstone can help you to reconcile with your own companionship; labradorite is a calming stone that helps you to let go and to express yourself calmly and objectively. It protects you from all the harmful waves around you and encourages you to become the best version of yourself.