Discover 'Éclat de Printemps', our exclusive collection that celebrates the renewal and freshness of the season. Each piece, meticulously crafted in golden steel, captures the light and delicacy of the early days of spring. Inspired by timeless French elegance, our jewelry embodies the promise of sunny days to come, enhancing your everyday with a touch of refinement. Let 'Éclat de Printemps' envelop you in its aura of joy and renewal.


'Soleil d'Été' embodies the quintessence of warm summer days, where the sun bathes the world in a brilliant golden light. This collection in golden steel is an ode to the brilliance of summer, with pieces that reflect the light and capture the essence of the season. Designed with the characteristic attention to detail of French elegance, these jewels are the perfect companions for all your summer adventures, adding a note of luxury and sophistication to every moment.


Step into the mystical world of our 'Jardin Secret' collection, a tribute to the hidden beauty of nighttime gardens. Crafted in golden steel, each piece of jewelry from this collection evokes whispered secrets under the veil of night, with delicate patterns that capture the essence of slumbering nature. Inspired by French elegance and finesse, 'Jardin Secret' invites you to carry a world of beauty and mystery within you, illuminated by the soft glow of the moon.


'Fleurs de Lune' is a celebration of the enchanting beauty of moonlit nights. This unique collection, crafted in golden steel, evokes flowers blooming under a night sky, their golden silhouettes shimmering with a mysterious glow. Each piece embodies French elegance and charm, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and mystery. With 'Fleurs de Lune', wear the magic of the night and the splendor of lunar gardens wherever you go.